Some fun videos I've made

(excerpt from an email I sent to a friend)

... You probably saw me warming him up after his nap. Every time the crowd cheered for Skipper, we took off. Blazer loved it and he was excited and ready to go. After that, it was David and Blazer - an old team having fun, nothing more. No show anxiety or fear of the unknown - just two friends putting on a show.

...the Breed Judge was up there and was cheering just as much as the rest of the crowd. And, with that vantage point, I was able to hear the entire crowd cheering Blazer! I was a goof and was jumping up and down and was also pretending I was next to Blazer talking to him saying "OK, are you ready? Are you having fun? Are you ready to show?" My legs were working back and forth and then "BOOM!" off he went dragging David behind him!

(28 mb, 4:13)

Over the course of several weeks, I shot video of Mysti and her littermates. One night while experimenting with iMovie, I made this video. I thought it turned out good, expecially since it was really my first time using the program. I emailed Apple and they enjoyed it enough to want to use it what I thought was the best 30 seconds for a commercial. But, I turned them down when I saw the details.

(19 mb, 2:36)

I shot video several times during Mysti's first weekend at home. Blazer avoid her as much as he could but Casper took charge immediately. She nipped Mysti within minutes of their first meeting and popped her once again the following morning.

With that, their "relationship" was in order as far as Casper was concerned. From then on, Casper considered Mysti her new best friend!

Three weeks later, I walked into the backyard with the camera to film Casper and Mysti playing and Blazer followed. It was the first time all three played together.

(25 mb, 3:48)

The first thing I noticed when I saw the photo that Theresa Lyons took of David and Blazer at OCRRC was the smile on David's face and it summed up every reason why I have enjoyed watching Blazer and David in the ring over the last 7 1/2 years. The two friends are happy in the ring together and seeing that has always been more memorable than the outcome.

(16 mb, 2:24)

Westwood's True Devotion (Devo)

His video debut!

Greg and David went to Las Vegas one weekend and us if we could watch Taja and PupPup for the few days they were gone. This is just a short movie which captured what the two puppies did all day and night.

If you have a Mac with Quicktime 6 or 7, click here instead. The video quality is much better, and the size is only 11 mb.

(37 mb, 1:13)